Our Mascot: the Stormy Petrel

Our Mascot: the Stormy Petrel

Oglethorpe University's mascot is the Stormy Petrel, affectionately called "Petey" by our students. It is said that the stormy petrel is the inspiration for Oglethorpe's motto: Nescit Cedere, translated as "He does not know how to give up."

Why a Stormy Petrel?

A stormy petrel is a seabird, commonly found on the Eastern seaboard, and known for flying low to the ocean to look for food. Dr. Thornwell Jacobs, Oglethorpe University's president from 1915-1943, chose the Stormy Petrel as the school's mascot. According to legend, James Oglethorpe was inspired by the courage of the small, gutsy bird as it dove in and out of the crashing ocean waves as he crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1732.

Petey the Petrel was featured on the Animal Planet's Mascot Madness show in April 2007. In March 2002, ESPN's David Lloyd named the Stormy Petrel as one of the most memorable college mascot names of all time, second only to the Banana Slugs of UC Santa Cruz.

Facts about Petey

Name:   Petey the Stormy Petrel Nickname:   Pete
BBOC ("Big Bird On Campus")
Height:   7 feet
(7 feet, 2 inches if using mousse)
Weight:   185 lbs, but is trying to lose those
 last 5 pounds around the belly
Wingspan:   8 feet from thumb to thumb Hobbies:   Travel
Team sports
Crossword puzzles
Making fun of referees

Petey's Favorites

Colors:   Black and Gold, of course! Food:   Fish
Slugs (especially banana slugs!)
Buffalo Wings
 Movies:   The Birds
Flight of the Condor
Bird on a Wire
The Birdcage
The Mighty Ducks
 Books:   Anything by Hemingway, like "The Old Man and the Sea"  TV Shows:   Baretta
Falcon Crest
 Bands:   Paul McCartney and Wings
The Byrds
The Eagles
Black Crowes
 Songs:   Fly Like an Eagle
Rockin' Robin
Fly, Robin, Fly
Surfin' Bird
Video Games:   Wing Commander
Flight Simulator
Duck Hunt